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  • Annual Assessment - 2024, the annual assessment is $179.80 for a lot with home. Vacant lots are $89.90 . By-Laws allow a 3% increase each year.

  • Annual Reserve Fund -  In 2017 a $40 annual reserve fund assessment was voted in by the Home Association as per RCW 64.34, an association is encouraged to establish a reserve account to fund major maintenance, repair, and replacement of common elements, including limited common elements that will require major maintenance, repair, or replacement within thirty years.

  • 2023 Total HOA dues are $219.89

  • Late Fees, Fines and Interest - from homeowners late on paying current assessments as well as fines for CCR violations

  • General expenses

    • landscaping services for the greenbelts and park

    • bookkeeping services

    • Utilities

    • Park amenities

    • Insurance

    • Upkeep of park and greenbelts

    • Reserve study - per RCW 64.34.382A reserve study as described in RCW 64.34.380 is supplemental to the association's operating and maintenance budget. In preparing a reserve study, the association shall estimate the anticipated major maintenance, repair, and replacement costs, whose infrequent and significant nature make them impractical to be included in an annual budget.

    • Other expenses ​

  • Reserve Fund

    • Major maintenance, repair, and replacement of common elements. ​



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