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    Many Hands Make Light Work


Long Lake Management District 
  • Want to learn more about Long Lake and be a voice for Lake Forest HOA?  We have an opening for a second representative for our HOA.  Please contact the board at for more information. 

Monday Morning Vounteer Work Crew 

Meets most Mondays at 9:00am to do various maintenance projects around the neighborhood.  


Weekend Projects

Sometimes the need is more than the Monday Morning Volunteer Crew can handle so weekend activities are organized. 



 Several "islands" in the neighborhood could use some TLC.

  • 34th Street SE

  • 35th Street SE

  • 37th Street SE

  • Harvard Road

  • Harvard Court SE - East (smaller of the two)

  • Harvard Court SE - West (larger of the two)

  • Princeton Court SE

  • Creighton Court SE



-Not up to the Adopt-an-island challenge? Is the area close to your home in need of TLC? Adopt it! Share your gardening skills and beautify the area.


Contact the board at for more information


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